Painting Skies- 2017

I’ve decided I am going to do a series on Sunsets. I’ve always loved sunsets, they’re different every single day and never disappoint with Beautiful colors. I have been photographing sunsets since the beginning of spring, I usually photograph them from my backyard so the location is going to be at same for the most part but the sunset will always be different.

The name of my series will be called “Painting Skies”

I hope you enjoy

WIP model #2

For this shoot I tried to get out of the head and shoulders area, but I had a hard time coming up with different poses for him. I don’t have much experience shooting guys so this is all new to me. I like some of these pictures more than others but I just wanted to show how the full shoot went.

WIP Landscapes

I know the Cleveland skyline is not appreciated for this project but I never get to go near it and I did today so I’m posting it anyways. I have some other locations I want to get to also. 

These pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not great quality but I think they came out pretty well for a phone. Tomorrow or Monday I’m going to go back to some of the sites and retake the pictures with my Nikon.

It’s the Apple

I will be editing out the string once I get to print

Because I have taken more photos, I’m not sure if this particular picture fits in with the rest but I like it, it was the photo that I started with.